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Meet Robin, sales AI assistant for business automation

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A business automation platform personified through a proactive and adaptive sales AI assistant.

Tons of tools claim to simplify the sales process and save reps time, but most are built for management and then pushed onto the team, resulting in low-adoption rates and a disjointed technology stack.

That's why we're taking a new approach. Introducing Robin, an easy-to-use augmented intelligence assistant powered by Hero_Flow, an unparalleled business process automation platform to help with repetitive (and boring) sales tasks. Built for the sales rep but adds value to the entire organization.

"SalesHero is a game-changer. I´m no longer wasting 10 valuable hours a week updating Salesforce and can focus on more important things. Robin´s got it handled."

Brandon Baisch Customer Success Account Manager, Gradle Inc.

Powerful automation with a personal touch.

Robin proactively offers a daily to-do list with all of the sales tasks it can automate. Our goal is to simplify the sales workflow so reps can focus on what they're good at - selling!

But, don't be fooled. Behind that beautiful multi-color globe is a powerful platform, Hero_Flow.


Sky's the limit with Hero_Flow.

Hero_Flow is a new take on the traditional business automation platform. It combines the power of three AI engines (intent detection, predictive recommendations and dark data extraction), which are the foundation of our out-of-the-box solution and our customized enterprise offerings.

With Hero_Flow, enterprises now have the capability and flexibility to employ a vast range of use cases by connecting any data source, integrated system or business workflow to garner significant ROI across their organization.


Predictive recommendations to augment sales rep decision making.

Acquiring new customers is expensive. In fact, it costs enterprises $1.18 to make $1. Turbo charge your sales cycle and lower acquisition cost by understanding the best time for your reps to offer new and complementary products or services to existing customers.

By analyzing historically successful engagement in the CRM system, email and calendar, SalesHero provides cross-and-upsell recommendations, best-next steps and reduce churn, helping sales reps drive deals faster with confidence.


Intent detection to automate common customer requests.

By automating common customer requests behind the scenes, sales teams have ample opportunity to speed things along and still provide high-touch, detailed support.

SalesHero identifies the intent of incoming requests such as scheduling a meeting, returning a product or changing an address and can route or draft replies appropriately.


Dark data extraction to eliminate repetitive, time intensive sales tasks.

Sales reps spend almost 64% of their time on non-revenue generating sales activities.

SalesHero automates repetitive sales tasks such as CRM data entry, prospecting and account research - giving sales reps back their time to focus on building customer relationships and crushing quota.


Hans Dockter, CEO of Gradle

on how Robin gives his sales reps more time to hit quota.

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