The most intelligent automation platform for your sales organization

Combining RPA and AI for next-level business.



Automate common customer requests.

Speed things up and still provide high-touch, detailed support by detecting the intent of incoming communication.


Augment sales rep decision making.

Turbocharge your sales cycle and lower acquisition costs by guiding your sales reps with best next steps and cross-and-upsell recommendations.


Eliminate repetitive, time-intensive tasks.

Give your sales reps back their time to focus on building customer relationships and crushing quota by automating repetitive sales tasks.


Introducing a new approach to sales automation.

SalesHero is the first dedicated sales platform that combines RPA and AI to form sales AI and intelligently automate repetitive administrative tasks.

Our powerful backend technology is personified by a proactive and adaptive AI assistant for easy adoption throughout your organization.

Intelligent automation at your fingertips.

Find out how you can record and automate repetitive click work so you can focus on tasks that matter.

"SalesHero is a game-changer. I´m no longer wasting 10 valuable hours a week updating Salesforce and can focus on more important things. Robin´s got it handled."

Brandon Baisch Customer Success Account Manager, Gradle Inc.

50+ Sales AI Stats

New to sales AI? Read up on 50+ stats that show where it's seeing the most traction and why you need it now.

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