Hi, I'm Robin. Can I help with your daily sales tasks?

Meet Robin,
sales AI assistant for sales reps

Robin is ready to take on your tedious sales tasks. No download required - just connect your company email and Salesforce.

"Robin is a game-changer. I’m no longer wasting 10 valuable hours a week updating Salesforce and can focus on more important things. Robin’s got it handled."

Brandon Baisch
Customer Success Account Manager, Gradle Inc.


Updates Salesforce

Robin intelligently determines relevant updates for your Salesforce records, including logging emails and calendar invites, and adding new contact information.


Ensures Clean Data

Robin updates missing information with its industry-leading database of 40 million+ quality company records, each with hundreds of attributes.


Mines for Prospects

Robin dynamically suggests new contacts and accounts that may be of interest based on your previous engagements.


Predicts Close Dates

Robin progressively learns from your sales processes to help keep your close dates up to date.

Hans Dockter, CEO of Gradle

on how Robin gives his sales reps more time to hit quota.

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Getting Started

You just need a company email and Salesforce account. Then, Robin learns from your data and preferences to help you log interactions, update records and prospect.


Sign up and connect your company email and Salesforce account.

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Review and approve Robin's to-do list.

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No download required. Just connect your company email and Salesforce.