Kick your competition to the curb with AI.

Only 20% of sales reps make 80% of the sales revenue. So let`s change that.


With the advent of AI, companies now have the resources to streamline sales processes and skyrocket team productivity in new, groundbreaking ways.

Our sales AI automation platform, Hero_Flow, benefits multiple stakeholders in the sales organization by maximizing organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

We are highly adaptable to your enterprise needs and can offer fully customizable options that brings instant ROI. Hero_Flow can connect to any data source (structured or unstructured), integrate with any data management system (CRM, CPQ, ERP, etc.), business process or workflow. Most importantly, we augment your workforce by personifying an AI assistant to work alongside humans, instead of replacing them.

Intent detection for fast and easy action.

Repetitive customer asks or back-and-forth emailing to schedule a meeting is an incredible time suck.

SalesHero streamlines internal processes by identifying the intent of written communication with up to 95% accuracy in emails, text messages, online forms and posts. Now correspondence can immediately be routed or responded to such as intent to schedule a meeting, return a product or change an address.


Predictive recommendations to kick business into high gear.

The sales process is complex and dynamic. Between demanding quotas, limited time, and constantly changing demands from the customer, it can be difficult to navigate a deal without prioritization.

SalesHero provides best-next steps and cross-and-upsell recommendations to ensure sales reps aren't missing any opportunities or unintentionally delaying sales cycles. It can also develop a model based on the best performing sales rep(s) to be replicated throughout the entire organization.


Dark data extraction to automate manual tasks.

Staggering amounts of data never makes it to where it needs to go - whether that be into a data management system or transitioned during a team hand-off. Often times sales cycles are delayed or opportunities missed, ultimately resulting in lost revenue.

SalesHero mines critical customer and opportunity-related information from a user's calendar, email, CRM account and SalesHero's database and updates it in the relevant system of truth to ensue that sales reps have accurate information at a moment's notice.


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