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By 2020, 30% of all companies will employ sales AI to augment at least one of their primary processes.

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), sales managers now have the resources to streamline sales processes and skyrocket team productivity in groundbreaking ways. 83% of the most aggressive AI adopters of AI and cognitive technologies say their companies have already achieved either moderate or substantial benefits.

With these kinds of statistics, businesses that don’t have a sales AI implementation strategy in place risk irrelevancy. Sales teams, in particular, must combine their efforts with disruptive technologies to improve efficiency as companies cannot afford to waste time and money on outdated, time-consuming Advance Your Sales Team with AIor unnecessary processes.

Sales team efficiency

The Bridge Group found that sales productivity is the No. 1 challenge for 65% of sales organizations. In fact, sales reps spend nearly 64% of their time on non-revenue generating activities. According to the Harvard Business Review, this wasted time and inefficient processes—what experts call “organizational drag”— costs the US economy a staggering $3 trillion each year.

SalesHero’s leading-edge sales AI platform automates the primary repetitive tasks that detract from efficiency (and selling). Our core capabilities include,

  • Email Intent Detection
      • Ex: SalesHero accelerates customer engagement by detecting email intent for better department routing, automating personal detail update requests to reduce email overload and handling scheduling by offering templated responses with real-time availability and updating the sales rep’s calendar.
  • Next-step Recommendations
      • Ex: Based on powerful natural language processing and intent detection capabilities, SalesHero has developed powerful AI algorithms to dynamically offer ranked cross-and-up-sell opportunities.
  • Dark Data Extraction
      • Ex: SalesHero offers new leads and lead prioritization by managing inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent CRM records by sourcing information from your reps’ calendar, email, Salesforce account and SalesHero’s third party database.

Reliable sales data

CRM systems improve forecast accuracy by 42%.

There are several marketing automation and sales tools that integrate with your CRM system that need accurate data to create effective sales reports and forecasts.

While a majority of sales people tend to have an ESFJ (extraversion, sensing, feeling, judgement) Myers Briggs personality type, which means they are outgoing and charismatic (and great sellers) they also tend to be less process-oriented and data-driven. Meaning, they are less inclined to follow through with important CRM updates.

The struggle for accurate CRM updates is often a point of friction between sales managers and their team. SalesHero ensures that your CRM data is consistent, constant and correct. When CRM updates are automated, managers don’t need to constantly remind their team to input sales activities; alleviating conflict and leaving room for more constructive coaching conversations.

Immediate ROI

SalesHero’s streamlined email communication and simple user interface in the form of our AI assistant, Robin, take a bottom-up adoption approach that integrates with sales reps’ current workflow and guarantees an ROI within the first month.

SalesHero uses deep learning technology for classification, prediction and recommendation, which allows Robin to quickly propose meaningful tasks to automate. Its deep learning system responds to user interactions to further tailor the experience.

Security and privacy

SalesHero is fully committed to the security, safety and privacy of sensitive sales data. No human will, or can, read any of this information. All data is encrypted with the strongest mechanisms during storage and transport using a unique encryption key for each user.

At no point does SalesHero remove data from the user’s CRM system. It uses the standard Salesforce Application Programming Interface (API) to map information and is tightly integrated with Salesforce security protocols.

About SalesHero

SalesHero offers the industry’s first personal adaptive and proactive augmented intelligence assistant that helps sales representatives simplify and improve their daily sales workflow. Built by the founding team of Datameer, the leader in big data analytics, and a world-class team of sales and AI experts, SalesHero leverages powerful artificial intelligence to improve sales reps’ productivity up to 20 percent.

SalesHero is a portfolio company of premier AI and deep learning investment firms, Baidu USA, CometLabs, Cherry Ventures and signals VC and is based in San Francisco.

By SalesHero Team

Our team is made up of industry veterans who came together to solve one of the most notorious problems in business - sales productivity. This is a message from us!

Published Oct 02, 2018

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