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Sales reps receive a daily email which links to a list of all of the activities that can be automated for the sales rep that day. The daily email is sent by Robin, SalesHero’s AI assistant. Robin offers up a number of tasks out of the box but customizable options are also available – just contact our sales team to learn more.

We’re going to run-through what these tasks are and how you can use them to optimize your time.

Log Email:

Robin scans your email inbox for interactions that it can associate with existing contacts in your CRM system. It will log them once they are approved.

For example: You emailed a contact yesterday about an upcoming demo meeting. Robin will detect that there is already a record in your CRM system for this person and will offer to log the email.

Log Calendar Event:

Robin scans your Google Calendar for events that it can associate with existing contacts in your CRM system. It will log them once they are approved.

For example: You’ve sent out a calendar request (or received a calendar request) for the above-mentioned demo meeting. Robin will detect when this meeting has happened and will offer to log it to the associated contact record in your CRM system.

Create New Lead:

Robin can determine if there is a new lead that has not yet been associated with an existing account in your CRM system.

For example: You have been in contact with a person either via a calendar invite or email that does not yet have a record in your CRM system but the company has a record. Robin will suggest adding this person as a lead.

Create New Contact:

Robin can detect and suggest new contacts to associate with an existing CRM account. It finds these contacts if, for example, a new person from that company account was cc’d on an email or calendar invite.

When approved, Robin will create a new contact record and associate it with the relevant account.

For example: If you sent a calendar invite or email to a contact, and that contact then adds additional people from their company, Robin will suggest adding these new people as contacts to the existing CRM account.

Update Contact Information:

Robin can detect and suggest updates to existing contacts based on information it finds in your business emails (e.g. a new title or phone number found in an email signature). Once approved, Robin will update the relevant record with this new information.

For example: If a contact’s email signature includes their title which you did not yet have in their CRM record, Robin will suggest adding this information.

Create New Account:

Accounts are based on your historical data of won/closed deals combined with parameters you set around region, annual revenue, employee size, and industry.

How to set up your account parameters:

  1. Click on this link (you may need to sign in)
  2. Select your parameters
  3. Don’t forget to hit save!

You will see a preview of accounts. We recommend that you keep the total number 500+, so Robin can offer you the best suggestions every day.

Update Account Information:

Robin can also use information from its proprietary database to provide more details about an account that already exists in your CRM records. There are dozens of attributes related to standard CRM APIs. Once approved, Robin will add this new information to the corresponding account.

For example: If you created an account yesterday, the following day Robin will suggest updating the CRM record with additional information such as company description, annual revenue, and number of employees (among others).

To-do List Filters:

If you’d like to ignore a certain type of task (collectively referred to as a “skill”), simply click the relevant icon in the filter section at the top of the to-do list and all of the tasks associated with that skill will collapse for easier navigation.

Note, these tasks are not rejected but will be presented at a later date in case you decide to add them to your CRM system.

By SalesHero Team

Our team is made up of industry veterans who came together to solve one of the most notorious problems in business - sales productivity. This is a message from us!

Published Jul 23, 2018

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