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What is the key to a successful company? Well, there are lots but we believe that listening to and enacting on customer feedback is a strong contender. Always be improving!

We’re very proud that we’re holding true to that value as we aim to bring reps the best sales AI assistant possible. The feedback loop we have with our customers has helped us understand what people love, what can be improved and what just isn’t working.

So, based on our most recent conversations we were able to get a little bit closer to what (you) think is a 10-star product.

When we say 10-star product, we don’t just mean a product that works. We mean that we want to build a sales AI platform that sales reps use every day because they enjoy using it and truly see the benefit – a product that they love so much that they tell their colleagues and peers about it.

Our designers, engineers, product and sales teams have been hard at work optimizing Robin to be just that, which is why we would like to introduce you to the latest and greatest sales AI tool we have to offer. Here’s a quick snapshot:

  • Timely task recommendations

To ensure that each to-do list is relevant to the tasks you’re currently working on, Robin will only include suggestions from the previous day.

Each list is unique so it’s important that you review and submit your to-do list on a daily basis. If you skip a day, those tasks will not be offered again.

We made this update because we noticed many lists were hard to review and digest, some data coming from several months back. Keep your to-do list timely by reviewing and approving each day.

  • Easier navigation

Tasks will now be grouped by feature (log, update and create).

This makes it easier for users to review and to reject features in bulk if needed. For example, if you didn’t want Robin to perform any “Log Email” tasks, you can easily filter this feature out.

We noticed many of our users were confused about the different types of tasks Robin was offering, how they were displayed and how to reject multiple tasks at once. Our new design is transparent and easy to follow.

  • Activity comparison

We’ve also added something completely new! You can now compare your sales activities week-over-week. The sales activities you did last week will be compared against the current week so you can see how your productivity has increased or decreased.

This helps sales reps continuously improve and increase their productivity. A fun bonus is that teams can compete and see who’s doing the most to reach their quota.

Here is a look at our new and improved to do list.

Todo List

And here is a look at our activity report with weekly activity comparisons.

Weekly Report

Our users are the heart of our team, they keep us focused and always pointed toward success. Our hope is to bring sales reps a product that can solve the problems they face every day. With the help of user feedback, we’re building a product that’s easy to use and that reps actually enjoy using day in and day out.

The goal for our sales AI assistant has always been to save sales reps time on the tasks they dislike, so they can get back to what they do best: selling.

We could not accomplish all that we have without the valuable feedback we’ve received at every step. Thank you to those who’ve given us their time to help develop our new UI!

We’re always looking to improve! Keep the suggestions coming by sending an email to

By SalesHero Team

Our team is made up of industry veterans who came together to solve one of the most notorious problems in business - sales productivity. This is a message from us!

Published Sep 19, 2018

Posted in Product

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