Robin: The sales AI assistant you didn’t know you needed


If you’ve been around the sales world long enough you’ve likely heard the saying by Lewis Grizzard: “If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.”

He makes a great point. But what does it take to be the lead dog?

The neck and neck competition in sales can be brutal. And before you know it, it’s the end of the quarter and you need to make sure you’re hitting (better yet, beating) your quota.

One way to make sure you’re ahead of the pack is to work smarter and faster than everybody else. Because who wants to work longer and harder?

Having a sales AI assistant on your team

What if there was a sales Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that saved you time by doing all your tedious Salesforce tasks for you, decluttering your workday and increasing your sales productivity? Saving you time to focus on being top dog. Doesn’t sound too bad, huh?

That’s where Robin can help.

When people think about AI their minds often think of robots taking over the world (Matrix, anyone?). And while that makes for great science fiction, it’s not something you have to worry about. In reality, you can use AI to your advantage by automating the small tasks that waste your time throughout the day. No longer will you need to click “Sync to Salesforce” three hundred times a week. Robin will do it for you.

Setting up Robin is easy and only takes two quick steps to sign-up: connect your company email and your Salesforce account to SalesHero. And that’s it. No really, you’re done!

Once you’ve set Robin up as your sales AI assistant, it takes over the boring, repetitive sales tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture. While it’s hard at work, you can make more calls or rock out to your favorite song. Robin gives you the power to choose what to do with your new-found free time.

What Robin can do for you

  • Log calendar events and emails to their respective accounts
  • Update incomplete or inaccurate records with quality data
  • Add new contacts to their respective primary accounts
  • Recommend similar companies to those you do business with

Each afternoon, Robin will email a snapshot of its recommended to-do list for your approval. Once you give it the green light, Robin gets to work. Checking off all your boxes for you. It can’t get any easier.

It creates the to-do list from the information in your emails and calendar. And, it fills in the rest of the gaps using SalesHero’s database of over 40 million company records.

And, that’s not all. Robin loves learning and gains new skills over time. It learns how to work more effectively with you — becoming your own customized personal sales assistant. Robin uses deep learning technology to determine whether an incoming email is business related and what type of information you’ll need out of it. For example, it can grab telephone numbers, titles, business addresses, along with plenty of other useful bits of information.

AI algorithms fill in the data you already have with important information you might be missing. Maybe you were missing the company description? How about the number of employees an account has? You don’t have time to look up all that information, but Robin does.

On top of all those awesome skills, Robin uses it’s AI technology to offer up leads on new accounts you may never have considered.

All of these little things add up to less work, less time, and less stress for you. You can get ahead of the pack when you have sales AI on your side.

Privacy first

Nobody likes technology that uses and abuses you, which is why privacy is of the utmost importance.

All of the data that Robin collects is strongly encrypted on a per-user basis using unique encryption keys. No human has access to the data, only algorithms (Robin!).

Becoming the new leader of the pack

With Robin on your team it’s really a win-win. Those daily emails from Robin are a sneak peek into how sales AI can prevent you from getting bogged down.

You’ll have a mobile and desktop sales assistant that will always be on hand, ready to make your life easier.

So what are you waiting for? Go be top dog. You earned it!

By SalesHero Team

Our team is made up of industry veterans who came together to solve one of the most notorious problems in business - sales productivity. This is a message from us!

Published Jul 23, 2018

Posted in Product

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