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SalesHero’s sales automation platform is a highly scalable, distributed event processing system processing hundreds of millions of records every day in the cloud or in your data center. It uses modern AI technology (deep learning) for classification, prediction and recommendations, which allows SalesHero’s AI assistant Robin to quickly propose meaningful tasks it can automate.

Figure 1. Robin’s Architecture


Sales automation at work

  • Processing your calendar and email data to find information that can be added to your Salesforce records
  • Augmenting that data with company information from our proprietary database
  • Learning from your historical Salesforce data to recommend updates and new records (for example, new accounts that are likely interested in your product or service)

Figure 2. You, Robin, and your CRM


How machine learning is used

  • Classification
    • Sort through your email and detect if it is a work-related or private message (we ignore the latter)
    • Determine if a line in an email contains interesting contact information (e.g. pull a telephone number or business address from an email signature)
  • Prediction/time estimation
    • Predict the close date of an opportunity based on the history of successful opportunities (based on the time spent in certain stages compared to similar opportunities)
  • Recommendation
    • Recommend new accounts from our proprietary database based on your successfully closed/won accounts

Our system is continuously learning from your interaction to tailor the experience. For example, by repeatedly rejecting a certain type of account suggestion, Robin will no longer offer a company with those specific attributes.

We use Salesforce standard Application Programming Interface (APIs) to seamless integrate with your Salesforce account.

Our own database combines algorithmic sourced data with manual verification to achieve industry-leading coverage and quality. It is sourced from over 45 million companies and 20,000 government and web sources. With that data we can fill the gap in your CRM system and also achieve much more accurate machine learning.

A simple example

Our intelligent sales automation platform scans your email and notices a phone number you did not have for an existing contact. Robin proposes to make the change in your daily to-do list. Once you approve it, Robin updates the Salesforce phone number field of the relevant contact in Salesforce.

There are no surprises – all the tasks that Robin can perform must be approved by you.

Integration with other tools

Robin seamlessly integrates with any other tools that you or your sales team have already implemented. Robin only identifies gaps, or outdated/inaccurate information. This means there will never be any duplication.

For example, if you already use an email logging service, Robin will not ask if it can log the same email if it was already logged by your other tool.

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