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SalesHero is fully committed to the security, safety, and privacy of your sensitive data. Only our sales automation platform analyzes your data and no human will, or can, read this information. All data is encrypted with the legally strongest mechanisms during storage and transport using a unique encryption key for each user. At no point do we remove data from your CRM system, even if you choose to cancel your SalesHero account. No data is ever made available to anyone else within SalesHero or outside. Please read our privacy policy.

When using our cloud-based offer, we tightly integrate and follow cloud service providers security best practices and operate our system within a virtual private cloud (VPC). Larger customers can choose to operate SalesHero in their own VPC or on premise.

No software

Signing up for Robin does not require any software to be installed on your desktop or mobile device and therefore further lowers any security risk.

Salesforce & email security protocols

All communication with your email system is encrypted via HTTPS or IMAP SSL protocol.

Our sales automation platform is tightly integrated with Salesforce security protocols and only has access to the data that the individual sales rep has. Since we are using the standard Salesforce Application Programming Interface (API) all data is encrypted as we read and write. To learn more about Salesforce security click here.


Data is encrypted at every transference point; your approval is needed to allow updates to Salesforce

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Published Jul 24, 2018

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