Get your team back to selling thanks to AI.

Meet Robin, the first proactive and adaptive sales AI assistant built for sales reps but that adds value throughout the entire organization.


Right leads, right now.

Sales reps can spend up to a whopping 50% of their day prospecting.

SalesHero solves this by leveraging advanced AI algorithms to prospect for similar companies a user had success with and to ensure that opportunities and contacts aren't missed.

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Data quality, done right.

Stop chasing your reps for their updates. 30% of B2B contacts are outdated within a year and 79% of opportunity-related data is never updated in the CRM system.

SalesHero cleans up and augments your CRM data collection process for more effective and accurate planning, analysis and decision-making.

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More meetings, less time.

How many deals have fallen through the cracks with all of the back-and-forth emails it takes to schedule a meeting? Probably more than you'd like.

SalesHero accelerates customer engagement with automated scheduling.

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Not just another tool.

Sales reps already use on average six tools throughout their process. Adopt a solution, not a tool.
Robin takes a bottom-up approach for guaranteed user adoption by delivering its daily to-do list and weekly activity reports via email, which sales reps are checking every hour of every day.

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